New cards – Spring 2014

We are looking forward to spring with a set of new cards

Blooms Of Penge - New Cards March 2014

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Looking forward to Spring

We’d like to thank all those who supported us during the build up to the Festive season visiting us at Christmas Fairs and placing orders online. We hope 2013 has started well for everyone.

With Spring just around the corner, the garden is beginning to wake up and we look forward to what will be blooming in the next few weeks. Indeed amongst the first, and looking fabulous are the Katherine Hodgkin irises braving the cold wind and enjoying a brief sunny spell every so often.

The milder weather over the Christmas period encouraged the winter jasmine and viburnum bodnantense to flower early and bring some much needed colour on grey days, and even peep through the snow.

A pair of blackbirds are busy, as is the robin, and a local fox seems to have taken a shine to the gazebo roof for a bit of sun-bathing !

Looking forward to the festive season

The festive season is almost upon us!

We offer a selection of festive cards in the ‘A touch of winter and a hint of spring’ section of our shop, and also 2013 calendars: treat yourself or someone else to one of our desk and wall limited edition calendars!

New cards!

We have added 25 stunning new images to our collection of cards!

Be sure to check out our ‘A touch of winter and a hint of spring’ set which includes some interesting cards ideal for the festive season.
Most of the other sets also include one or two new designs.

Here comes the sun

After weeks of rains, it was really lovely to see the sun shining again this week-end, and be  out in the garden to enjoy the spring blossom.

There are new flowers every day, from a lonely bluebell

to fragrant lily of the valley

and lilac

There are even some tiny climbing roses

In the border, the campanula seems to have made a new friend

Rain and photography

It keeps raining which is of course very welcome for the garden.
Hopefully the almost persistent rain of the last few days has been the ‘right type’ of rain for the water companies’ reservoirs too!

Rain offers opportunities for taking pictures in the garden.
In between showers, I took some photos of the tulips that are still blooming in the pots leading up to the front door, adorned with resplendent rain drops. The colours are more saturated. The only enemy is the wind!

This year the spring bulbs have been particularly good and have lasted for a long time. The hot weather of the last week of March followed by a very cool April did just the trick.

Our first Fair

The cards were very well received earlier today at our first fair, the Boot Fair at the Holy Trinity Church Hall in Penge.

It wasn’t perhaps as busy as we had hoped for but we blame the rain!

Website and business launched!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks with choosing the photos for the cards, getting them printed, bagging all the cards and setting up the website, but now we are ready!